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Write Congress

Please join with fitness icon, RICHARD SIMMONS, in voicing support for legislation that will provide for Physical Education/Activity, accountability and funding to improve the overall well being and the ability to learn of every American child.  THANK YOU very, very much. 
Your letters are read, your phone calls are tallied, and they absolutely make a difference.

STEP 1:  COPY the following letter, and proceed to Step 2.

Dear Leader,
I join with fitness icon, RICHARD SIMMONS, in respectfully asking that you first, support the SENATE HELP Committee's reauthorization draft of NCLB, which names Physical Education as a CORE SUBJECT, giving
  States and Districts the flexibility to use existing funding for programming.  And second, respectfully ask that you likewise support HR2013, and S1075The FIT Kids Act, which secures PEP grant funding specific to PE and Physical Activity, as well as requires programming accountability for parents and authorities
Research shows that FIT KIDS are more healthy, more focusedmore ready to learn,notably achieving higher scores in mathematics, and have greater self-esteem.Healthcare costs related to Obesity are projected to reach $344 billion by 2018.
Please use your power to increase PHYSICAL ACTIVITY in schools, rather than eliminate it. Thank you.

STEP 2:  Click on the links below to find your Rep/Senator, and PASTE your letter in to the contact forms provided.
1. Your CONGRESSIONAL REPRESENTATIVE (House of Representatives):

2. Your STATE SENATOR:  (Click on YOUR State in the first box, contact info for each of the two senators will appear.)