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Write Congress

Please join fitness icon, Richard Simmons, in passionately supporting proposed legislation that will improve the health, well being and ability to learn of all of our nation's children. These bills work together to ensure the future of a promising and productive America.
Your letters are read, and they do count.
Thank you very much!

1.  The FIT Kids ACT (S.1033) (H.R. 2178):  A Bill sponsored by Senator Tom Harkin and Representatives Ron Kind and Aaron Schock that establishes programs to support Physical Education, Physical Activity, Fitness and Nutrition for all students.  Involves teachers, parents and school leaders. Requires no additional revenues, other than allocating existing Federal Funding.

2.  The PHYSICAL ACT (S.392) (H.R. 2160): A  Bill, sponsored by Senator Tom Udall and Representative Marcia Fudge, calling for PE and HEALTH to be listed as CORE Subjects and as such, eligible for already existing Federal Funding. Requires no additional revenues.

 Please COPY, PASTE and SEND the following letter to the Contact Links provided below.  Phone calls are also accepted.

Dear Leader,
I join with fitness icon, RICHARD SIMMONS, in respectfully asking that you support the FIT KIDS ACT(S.1033) (H.R. 2178) which establishes programs to support Physical Education, Activity and Fitness and Nutrition for all students, and the PHYSICAL ACT(S.392) (H.R 2160), which names Physical Education and Health as Core Subjects, and thus eligible for existing Federal Funding.  Because there are no additional costs associated with these bills,  States and Districts will have the flexibility to use already existing funds for Physical Activity and Health programming.
Healthcare costs related to Obesity are projected to reach $344 billion by 2018. Research shows that FIT KIDS are more healthy, more focused, and more ready to learn, notably achieving higher scores in mathematics. They are less depressed and have greater self-esteem.
Please create the means to increase PHYSICAL ACTIVITY in schools, rather than eliminate it. Thank you.

CONTACT INFORMATION (copy the letter, and click on links):

1. SENATE Health, Education Labor and Pensions COMMITTEE CHAIR Tom Harkin:


3. HOUSE Education and Workforce Committee Chair John Kline: 
Contact | Education & the Workforce Committee

4. Your STATE REPRESENTATIVE:  Find Your Representative ·