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Spring Update



*RICHARD'S personal Message*

*NEWS from Washington*

*Let's Move in School*

*"Sneaky" Statistics*

*Dr. Oz's HealthCorps wants YOU*

*FROM RICHARD with Love*

A Personal Message from RICHARD:
My dear friends...Patience is a virtue, and not a very easy one at that, especially, in a world where almost everything seems instant. The truth is, for true.... healing, trust, growth, education, progress and....change to take place, it takes time, and often....lots of time. Sometimes, we walk, sometimes we run, and sometimes it's necessary to stop, be quiet, and just wait. Thank you for your patience and dedication to our PE Crusade. While the setbacks and slow progress may be frustrating, and downright defeating.... we are creating real change, by continuously trying. I certainly have no intention of giving up, and I hope you feel the same. Love, Richard.

NEWS from Washington D. C.:
On February 27, SENATOR TOM UDALL reintroduced the PHYSICAL ACT. This bill requires that PE and HEALTH be designated as CORE Subjects, making them eligible for already existing Federal Funding. The Bill requires NO NEW FUNDING, but allows schools to use their existing funding for these programs. As of yet, there isn't a similar HOUSE bill, and we are awaiting the reintroduction date of the FIT Kids Act, so, please stay tuned for further information on letter writing, as it unfolds!

The FIRST LADY'S Let's Move Program, has added a School Component:
First Lady Michele Obama's Let's Move Campaign now has a program to incorporate 60 minutes of Physical Activity in to the school day. By becoming an Active School, you receive guidance and suggestions for physical activity, before, during and after school. See: to register your school.

NASPE recently uncovered some sobering statistics in their latest SHAPE OF THE NATION report: 74.5% of States require students to take PE from Elementary through High School...BUT:
1. 28 States allow exemptions and waivers
2. Only 22 States require a specific amount of PE time
3. Only 10 States designate funding for professional development
4. Only 6 States require PE in every grade: IL HI MA MS NY VT
5. Only 3 States require 150 min of PE in Elementary School: NJ LA FL
6. Only 3 States require 225 min of PE in High School: WV UT MT

DR. OZ's HealthCorps wants YOU!:
Richard's good friends at Dr. Oz's HealthCorps are now hiring Coordinator's to work with High School students. Please see: for details on how you may be of service to this very worthy cause.

Richard's newest project is aptly titled PROJECT HOPE, ( and the promise of HOPE is his wish for all. Here he is hoping you have a wonderful Spring day....every day! A poem by Richard Simmons

As Always, THANK YOU Ask America Supporters, and Happy Spring,
Ask America