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What Is A Richard Simmons FoodMover?

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What is a FoodMover, Richard?   You have no idea how many times I hear that question!  So, let me introduce you to my FoodMover...
As many of you know, I grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana.  I was surrounded by the foods of the French Quarter.  Fried Oyster Po'Boys ... Pralines ...Jambalaya...gumbo... Muffalettas...beignets!  You name it, and we could deep fry it!   And restaurants!  Did WE have restaurants!  Even if you've never been to New Orleans, I bet you've heard of some places like Antoine's, Arnaud's, Brennans, Commander's Palace, Galatoire's, Cafe DuMonde, or the Court of Two Sisters?  See!  I knew you'd heard of our food! 
Oh what fabulous foods we had in New Orleans!  And my parents were BOTH fantastic cooks.  And boy did I EAT!   I can't say I didn't know how to eat...because I CLEARLY knew how to eat.  I ate and ate and ate.
I was 200 pounds by the eighth grade, and 268 pounds by the time I graduated from Cor Jesu High School.  But what I didn't know was how to eat properly.   I didn't know proper portions...and I didn't know how to balance all my food groups.  And I didn't know how to get my body moving and get in my Cardio, and Toning, and Stretching.   And that's what I had to learn.
Losing weight is not about punishing yourself or giving up all the foods you love.  It's about learning to balance things in your daily life, and learning to be accountable.   
You already know how I finally learned to enjoy my exercising.   I danced to music I loved!  And that turned into my DVD workouts that I share with you now... like Sweatin' to the Oldies, and Party Off the Pounds.  I want you to learn to love to exercise the way I love to exercise.  Now, where was I?   Back to what I was saying about the eating...
Many of you have heard me talk about how I first learned to eat properly.  I wrote out all my portions I was allowed for each day and listed those foods on pieces of colored construction paper...each day as I ate, I would move my pieces of paper to track my eating, and that turned into something I was very proud of... a set of cards called Deal A Meal.  I know a lot of you remember it.
Well, over time I kept updating Deal A Meal...and it eventually became my FoodMover.  But it still teaches you how to eat with proper portions, and how to eat with balance.  Now you just close your FoodMover windows instead of moving cards.  And that's what my FoodMover is... it's the latest version of my healthy eating plan.   It teaches you how to eat healthy, and then guides you along the way, whether you are using it to lose a little weight, or to lose a lot of weight...and when you reach maintenance, the FoodMover is there to guide you too.
When you order my FoodMover Program, you get my fabulous Royal Purple FoodMover to track your foods each day, you get your calorie cards
(you use these to set your FoodMover to the proper calorie level), and you get two booklets.
The first booklet is the Instructions and Blast Off Food Plan.  It helps you figure out your goals, and teaches you what your calorie level should be.  It also guides you through the first week of my program, which I call Blast Off.  In fact, I have menus planned out for the whole Blast Off week if you'd like to use them.  Or, if you've already got the hang of things, you can choose your own foods.
Then, the second booklet is the Exchange Guide and Meal Ideas.  This is the booklet that really teaches you about your foods.  The foods in this book are divided by Food Groups.  You look up the food you want to eat, and this book tells you what windows to close.   Then, in the back of the book we teach you more about what your windows are worth.  Soon, you will be able to break down your own recipes you make at home, or figure out how to count restaurant foods based on the information they post on their websites.   You'll still be eating great foods... it's all about balance, portions, and accountability.
AND, the FoodMover also gives you a place to track your water intake, and it reminds you to get in your exercise and vitamins.   With the FoodMover, you don't have to keep track of calories, fat grams, and carbs.  You can focus on your food choices instead of math problems!  Nobody wants to have to do Algebra to figure out their meals.  Right?  And you may have heard me talk about my Six Steps?   I talk about them in the Love Yourself and Win DVD.  Or maybe you've heard me mention them in person, or here on my website.  Well, my FoodMover reminds you of those steps each and every day as you close your motivator windows.
What's different about the 2009 FoodMover?  Well, for one thing the booklets have cute new pictures of me!  LOL!  But we've also updated our food exchanges to agree with the latest information we have.  We've added a condiments section to help you figure out some of those little odds and ends you may have been wondering about.   AND, this time, we've added an alphabetical index in the back to help you find those foods.  I know sometimes maybe you aren't sure what food group something belongs in.  So now you can just look it up in the index!
So there you go...that's what my FoodMover is!  I know a lot of you already own my Sweatin' DVD's.  So you're already movin' your body with me.  Won't you move your food with me too?

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