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Monday, 08 February 2016

Oh, do I even have to tell you?  It's been the downfall of many a good weight-loss program, that sweet-tooth of ours.  Some of us just can't resist life's sweet temptations.  But I know it comes as no surprise that those sweets sure aren't treating your body very nicely, especially when you consume too many of them.  They can lead to everything from diabetes to of course, gaining more weight.  But how to tame the sweet beast?  It can be done.  In fact, I've got some ways for you to get your sweet fix without so much of the sweet stuff, real or fake sugar.

Vanilla extract plays a sweet trick on your taste buds.
Add a little vanilla extract.  No, it's not actually sweet but vanilla extract reminds us of the taste of ice cream, cake and some other desserts.  That's right, let that vanilla extract play a little trick on your taste buds.  LOL.  Add a few drops of vanilla extract or the contents of vanilla bean to tea, yogurt, oatmeal or smoothies.  Your sweet tooth will think you're treating it to sugar, helping satisfy the sweet beast inside you.  
Or how's about some toasted coconut?  Coconut flakes are naturally sweet, adding nuttiness and a little crunch to your fruit cup dessert.  Choose the large flakes of coconut instead of the smaller ones.  That's because more surface area on each flake means more sweet, nutty coconut flavor on your tongue.  Now you've gotta like the sound of that.
An onion's natural sweetness can make a rich and tasty substitute for sugar.
Onions.  ONIONS?!  Nothing sweet about them, right?  But hold on, let me finish.  If you're making tomato sauce or soup, onions are a nice way to get a sweeter taste without adding sugar.  Instead of sauteing onions for your recipe, carmelize them.  The onion's natural sweetness will make a rich and tasty substitute for sugar.  To bump up the sweetness a notch, use those fabulous sweet onions.  Bland Farms in Georgia grows the best and don't let their name fool you.  Their onions are anything but bland and you can just about eat them whole.  (Don't laugh.  I know some people who can.  LOL.)
And if the idea of onions to add sweetness surprises you, wait until you get a load of this one...SALT!  Seriously.  See, since sugar and salt are polar opposites when it comes to their taste, adding a dash of salt can actually intensify a food's sweetness.  The trick is to add just a hint of salt to foods that are naturally a little sweet, like sweet potatoes, butternut squash, or sliced fruit.  The sweet & salty flavor combination will delight you.
Beat the sweets!
By the way, I know a lot of people use artificial sweeteners to get their sweet fix.  If you do, I would use them in moderation.  In the meantime, get some sweet satisfaction with these neat little sweet tricks.  They're just a few good ways to help you beat the sweets and not let them defeat your weight-loss efforts.