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Monday, 30 November 2015

Gotcha, didn't I?  LOL.  But it's not your body I'm telling you to fatten up.  I'm talking about fattening up...that wallet of yours!  (Ohhh, now you get it, right?  LOL.)  And oh boy, I'd say this is the perfect time of year to do it, too.  With Christmas only a few weeks away, you're probably already paying more attention to your budget, right?  (You should be anyway.)  But to have more ka-ching left over for those Christmas shopping obligations, how's about making making some changes in how much money you spend, starting today.  In fact, to help you have a little more loot to spend on Christmas, try these simple tricks to help keep your ATM account a little more hefty!

How's about brown-bagging your lunch every now and then?
Do you often buy lunch for yourself when you go to work?  Instead, how's about brown-bagging it every now and then, or at least everyday between now and Christmas.  Take some leftovers from home or prepare your own salad or sandwich to take with you to work in that little brown bag.  Not only will you save money but it can help you save calories, too.  In fact, you can plan exactly how many calories your lunch contains each day, instead of being at the mercy of some fast-food place, full-service and even more expensive restaurant, or the cafeteria where you work.  Depending on how much you spend at lunch time per week, you could easily end up saving hundreds of dollars per year.
Kick the diet soda habit.  Not only are they not good for you but those cans and bottles of diet soda can end up costing you a nice little piece of change during the course of a year.  Now because diet sodas usually contain zero calories, there will be no calorie savings here.  But by ditching the diet soda for good-old water, you'll end up with stronger bones and even have fewer migraine headaches.  (Yep, diet sodas can cause them.)
Cut back on those visits to your local Starbuck's.
Oh, I love visiting a Starbuck's every now and then for a hot cup of java.  But if it's a daily habit for you, those coffee breaks can get expensive, too.  (Even costlier than diet sodas.)  If you've been buying a cup of coffee or a sugary-sweet latte everyday, by at least cutting back on those visits to your favorite coffee house, you could end up saving hundreds of bucks over the couse of a year, easily.
Or how's about replacing a pound of ground beef with a bag of dried pinto or red beans in some of your recipes?  You'll still be getting the protein your body needs and it'll cost a lot less, too.  (Hey, have you noticed the price of a pound of ground beef lately?)  You'll save fat calories and cash with this choice and I know that's a good deal.  Plus, you get a healthy bonus with this one.  By reducing the amount of red meat you eat, you'll also be reducing your cancer risk.  Now that is a great bonus!
And one more thing, if you're a cyclist and enjoy riding your bike, how's about, if it's convenient, parking the car and riding your bike to work or to run a simple errand that's not too far from your house?  You'll be saving gaas money and you can burn a couple of hundred calories, depending on how far you have to ride.
These tips can help keep your wallet  fatter while doing the exact opposite for your body.
As you can see, these tips can help keep your wallet a little fatter but there's a bonus.  They're going to do the exact opposite for that body of yours.  Hey, you can fatten up your wallet in time for Christmas and be a little closer to your weight-loss goal in time for the holidays, all at the same time.  Now that's what I'd call...A BIG-FAT GOOD DEAL!  LOL.