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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

BOO!  So, are you ready...for Halloween?  Have you already bought treats for the neighborhood ghosts and goblins who'll be ringing your doorbells next week?  Have you bought or begun making the costumes your children will be wearing this year?  (My father used to make the Halloween and Mardi Gras costumes for me and my brother, Lenny, when we were growing up in New Orleans.  He was the best!  Thanks, Dad!)  Or maybe you don't have kids but will be going to a Halloween party for adults in your own costume scaring up a little fun!  Truth is, Halloween has become as big a holiday for many adults as it used to be for kids.  Americans spend millions of dollars every year on Halloween costumes, not just for their kids, but for themselves!
We Americans love our candy and we don't wait for Halloween to have it.
Oh, Halloween was one of my favorite holidays, not just because I got to dress up and scare the neighbors but hey, we were even rewarded for the evening with a big bag of sweet loot!  Talk about a fabulous payoff!  LOL.  At the end of the night's scares, I'd bring all of my Halloween treats home, spread them across the bed and marvel at my stash of chocolates, candy corn and maybe an apple.  (Hey!  how'd that apple get in there?  LOL.)  Yep, we Americans, (and not just the kids), love our candy and we don't have to wait for Halloween to have it, either.  Do you know what some of the favorite Halloween candies are?
Well, I'd have to say candy corn is way up there on the list.  In the innocent days when I was a kid, people would drop a handful of lose candy corn into our bags.  But we don't do that anymore, for obvious reasons.  I'm sure you parents know that you should examine your kid's bag of treats to make sure all of the candies are safe and individually wrapped.  That candy corn is now sold in little mini-packs to hand out on Halloween.  Did you know that more than 35,000,000 pounds of candy corn are produced annually?  And I'll bet you didn't know the original name for candy corn.  It was originally called chicken feed!  What?!  Good thing they changed the name!  LOL.
Okay, which candy is preferred most by kids at Halloween?  Well, they should probably change the holidays' name to CHOCOWEEN!  LOL.  That's because 72% of kids prefer getting chocolate at Halloween.  Not much of a surprise there, huh?
Mini-packs of Life Savers candy are another popular Halloween treat.  But have you ever wondered how Life Savers originated?  Well, the problem with chocolate, especially during the hot summer months, is that it melted so easily.  Life Savers were invented by a chocolate-maker who wanted to sell sweets that didn't melt during the hot summer months.  And the rest, as they say is...history!  Life Savers have been around for years now and I'm betting they'll be around for many more years to come!
Besides the tons of empty calories packed into those sweets, eating too many of them can also pack on the extra  pounds.
Oh, those sweets.  We Americans love them at Halloween, at Christmas, at Valentine's Day, any time of year.  And while they may be sweet, what too much of those candies can do to your body is just plain scary.  Besides the tons of empty calories packed into those sweets, eating too many of them can also pack on the extra pounds.  Then, along with the obesity they cause, can come a whole host of medical problems, including everything from diabetes to heart problems.
A little reminder. Halloween is the first of the trilogy of holidays, followed by Thanksgiving and Christmas, at the end of the year that can wreak havoc on your weight-loss plans, if you let themDon't!  I want you to pledge now that you won't overindulge on those holiday sweets and don't let your kids O.D. on them either.  Because remember, while those candies may be sweet today, what they can do to your health tomorrow is, well, downright SCARY!
Have a safe and healthy Halloween next week!