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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Have you ever wondered?  I mean, how so many of today's top food manufacturers can take a food that's, on its own, good for us and, turn it into something that is actually bad for our bodies.  Now, why on earth would they want to do that?  Easy.  It's all about profits!  Knowing that way too many of us are addicted to sugary, salty, fattening junk foods, they can take some of Mother Nature's most healthful creations and make them bad for us!  Want some examples?
How's about when one of the food companies turns a healthy apple into one of their little apple pies?
The apple.  In fact, I did a message a couple of weeks ago about how good a simple plain-old apple is for you.  But look at what they do to it.  Those food manuufacturers, take that otherwise healthy apple, drench it in caramel or red cane syrup and we buy them as candied apples.  All of that sugar and you could easily lose a filling with its sugary and sticky candy coating!  Or how's about when one of the dessert cake companies turns that apple into one of the little apple pies you can buy at your neighborhood 7-Eleven.?  Not only are they also packed with sugar but they're made with highly processed white flour.  And have you ever checked out the full list of ingredients and calorie counts on one of those pies?  We're talking... t-r-r-r-o-u-b-l-e!
Or take a cup of plain yogurt, on its own, a good and healthy choice from the dairy foods group.  That is, until some food company pumps it full of added sugar and fruit-flavored syrup.  Trust me, that cup of yogurt is anything but healthy by the time they're done with it.
Air-popped popcorn, (one of my favorites), is one of the healthiest snacks around, low in calories and full of fiber.  But these days, "kettle corn" is all the rage.   That's where they give the popcorn a "light" glaze of sugar, you know, like they do with Cracker Jacks.  Uh-huh, it may be yummy but it sure isn't light anymore.  That once-innocent serving of popcorn is now loaded with calories, fat and sugar.
Sometimes, they even try to trick us into buying a particular food by giving it a healthy-sounding name.  I'm thinking veggie chips.  (Ever seen 'em?)  From the name, you may think they're chock-full of fresh vegetables.  Sounds like a good idea, right?  But, truth is, if you read the ingredients label, you'll discover they really contain very little if any vegetables at all.  Instead, we're talking lots of oil, artificial colors and flavors...yuck!
Don't be lured in by food companies trying to entice your taste buds and tempt you into buying unhealthy products.
Don't be lured in by those food companies trying to entice your taste buds and tempt you into buying these products.  Avoid those foods whose ingredients list includes white flour, lots of sodium and refined sugar.  Select and buy those foods without all of the fattening additives.  I hate to say it, but too many of the big food companies are undermining our good health with those added ingredients, (many of them manmade).  Buy your foods in their natural state, the way Mother Nature made them.  And if anyone wants to add a little something to your foods to enhance the taste, let that someone be YOU!
I'm telling you, there's nothing worse than seeing a good food, turned into something...BAD!