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Sunday, 02 August 2015

It wasn't just a very popular TV show a few years ago, I never missed an episode.  But FRIENDS are some of the most important people in our lives.  In fact, I've heard some people say that they're as close, or closer, to their friends than they are to their own siblings.  I don't have a problem with believing that.  For one thing, I think of many of you as members of my extended family.  (I'm sure my brother, Lenny, won't mind my sharing you with him.)  Yes, good friends truly are special and since I'm on the subject, do you know what today is?  Well, it's NATIONAL FRIENDSHIP DAY!  I think it's wonderful and a great idea to celebrate our friendships with a special day all its own, don't you?  But get this, there may be a biological reason you're so very to your best friends.

Close friends actually share a little of the same DNA.
According to the a recent edition of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, (that's an impressive title), close friends often share a little bit of the same DNA.  Huh?  Hey, I like the sound of that but can it really be true?  Yes it is, albeit, the amount of shared DNA is only about 1%.  It may not sound like a lot but even that little bit of shared DNA can make a big difference.  Hey, why do you think you get along so well with your best friends?  
In other words, based on the study, your BFFs are genetically akin to them being like your fourth cousin.  How cool is that?  Scientists discovered this biological bond after analyzing the genes of almost 2,000 people and comparing the DNA of sets of friends and strangers.  It turns out that having similar personalities that draw you together may stem from the fact that you actually share small traces of genetics with your friends.  How much does that matter?  Well, I think you'll find this other finding  kind of curious.  Friends even tend to like the same scents.  I love it.  So you see?  You're much more bonded to that best friend than you may have even realized.
Who is your best friend?
Who is your best friend?  That may be a tough question for some of you but only because you have so many friends.  (I hope so anyway.)  Hey, I'm of the belief that you can never have too many friends.  They're the people you like to be around when you're at your happiest.  They're also the people you can count on when you're at your lowest.  They share the good times with you and are there to help you get through the bad times.  That's why I think the more friends you have, the better.
On this National Friendship Day, do something special for or with a good friend.
On this National Best Friendship Day, do something special for or with a good friend.  Not just a phone call or text message, either.  Share lunch or dinner with a friend today.  Go out to a movie or have a cup of coffee together at Starbuck's.  Or hey, maybe the two of you can watch an old episode of the sitcom, Friends...together.  Whatever you do, be thankful for those friends of yours and keep on treating them like family.  Because as it turns out, that BFF of yours really is a little bit like family.