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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Wait, I'm not talking about your thighs!  LOL.  I'm talking about the thighs on that chicken you may be serving for dinner tonight!  I wonder which part of the chicken is the most popular.  When I was a kid and my father served up a big-old plate of fried chicken for dinner, I'd always try to make sure I got one of those chicken breasts.  Hey, do you even have to guess why?  It's the biggest piece of the chicken, that's why!  LOL.  These days, you can buy a whole fryer or you can buy chicken packed in parts.  You can buy whole packages of breasts, legs, wings or thighs.  They even cut the biggest part of the wing into little drumettes so people can make their own Buffalo wings at home.  But today, I want to talk about those chicken's pretty thighs!  LOL.
Thighs are a more economical part of the bird.
I'll bet that most people, when they're buying their chicken packaged in parts, are more likely to reach for a big pack of breasts instead of thighs.  Because breasts are white meat, you may have noticed, they're always more expensive.  Thighs are the more economical part of your bird.  But...they're more flavorful, too.  Chicken breasts usually play a starring role in fancier dinner entres.  At an upscale restaurant, you're likely to see them featured in dishes like Francaise and piccata.  Oh, la-de-da!  LOL.  Wings are more likely to be featured at one of those sports bars, downed with a mug of ice-cold beer.  (Hey, fellas, who's winning the game?  LOL.)
But oh, those yummy chicken thighs.  They don't need to be smothered in some rich cream or spicy wing sauce to taste good.  Because they're slightly higher in fat than white meat, they take on a juiciness all their own without all of the extras.  In fact, without having to add more fattening ingredients, you could actually end up with a calorie savings.  Thighs take well to light preparation and tend not to dry out like chicken breasts do.  How's about bathing them in some lemon juice and a little olive oil then roasting them in a Dutch oven?  They really do make an excellent lemon-chicken dish.
As a member of my Clubhouse, you can find lots of ways to cook chicken without battering and dropping the pieces into a big-old skillet filled with Crisco, like my friends in the South made famous.  (I know you've heard of Popeye's Fried Chicken, born in my home state of Louisiana.)  But fried chicken is not on our menus, right?  (Hey, we're working to lose weight and a plate of fried chicken sure isn't gonna help us do it.)  To help reduce the fat content of those thighs, remove the skin before having a piece, just like I recommend you do with white meat chicken when following my FoodMover.
There's debate about which is better for you, white or dark meat chicken.
There's plenty of debate about which is better for you, white or dark meat chicken.  Three ounces of skinless chicken breast is actually about 25% lower in calories and contains  less fat than a skinless thigh. But other than that, their nutritional values are not that far apart.  So if you prefer to have a chicken thigh instead of a breast on occassion, watch that portion-size and be sure to count the calorie difference.  Then okay, go ahead and have that thigh!