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Friday, 27 November 2015

There, I got your attention!  LOL.  In fact, from Walmart to Macy's, from Target to Nordstrom, America's retailers are fighting to get your attention on this, (insert drum roll here), BLACK FRIDAY!  By now, you should know the history of this day after Thanksgiving shopping orgy.  Shoppers with credit cards, ATM cards, even smartphones in hand, will be hitting the malls and hitting them...EARLY!  But, I'm happy to say, some retailers aren't going quite as crazy this year as they did last year.  Back then, they were slowly slipping into the habit of actually pushing Black Friday into Thanksgiving Day!  Hey, you retailers, let's not get carried away!  And, by the way, don't you get carried away with all of that shopping today and the other danger that may come with it.  (More about that later.)

Do you have your Christmas gift list ready this morning?  Have you made a budget for how much you're going to spend?
In the meantime, America's retail hubs are ready to earn your business and increase their profit margins.  Okay, I understand, they're in business to make money.  Every department store is trying to outdo the next by offering the best deals to lure you into their stores and hand over that cash, plastic or otherwise.  (Hey, they don't care what kind of money it is!  LOL.)  But I hope you've got your thinking caps on and don't end up blowing your budgets today.  Do you have your Christmas gift list ready this morning?  Have you made a budget for how much you're going to spend this year?  I'm telling you, all of those things are important so you don't end up with regrets by the end of next month, when the bills start coming in for all of the shopping you do today and through Christmas Day.
You see, it's sort of like losing weight.  To be successful at it, you've got to have a plan and you've got to stick with that plan.  The only difference is, instead of budgeting cash, you're budgeting calories.  For example, did you stay on "calorie-budget" during yesterday's holiday feast?  Or did you end up eating more than you should have and go over budget.  Oh, oh.  If you did, that would mean "the bill" will be coming in soon.  No, it won't be arriving in the mail, it'll be arriving on your scales!
When it comes to burning calories, that's when I really want you to become a BIG SPENDER.
Did you get your workouts in yesterday?  I did!  And I hope you did, too.  In fact, that's one of the best ways to pay your holiday-eating bill, is to make sure you burn those calories you consumed yesterday, today and everyday.  In fact, when it comes to burning calories, that's when I really want you to be a BIG SPENDER.  That's right, you spend those calories you've eaten by getting that body of yours sweatin' with a solid hour of exercise each day.  And by the way, while you're out shopping, you can burn a few extra calories by putting a little more ummph into each of your steps.  Park a little further away from the mall's entrance, too.  That way, you'll walk a little further getting to Kohl's.  Every step you take and every calorie you burn counts, my dears.
And about  that other danger I mentioned earlier.  While you're out shopping today, beware of those food courts!  You should have had a good, and I hope, healthy dinner yesterday.  I'm sure you have plenty of leftovers for when you get home from the mall, too.  If you feel like a little nosh while you're out shopping, satisfy yourself with a healthy salad, instead of heading over to Auntie Anne's Pretzels or Cinnabon.  Start practicing the kind of self-control you'll need to get you through the rest of the holidays.  I don't have to tell you, from the mall, to the school or office party, to your parent's house, temptation is going to be out there.  But please remember, you are in control of how much you eat and how much exercise you get, just like always.  Don't use the holidays as an excuse to slip off program.  Hey, Santa and I will know if you've been naughty or nice.  LOL.  But more importantly, you will, too...the next time you get on that scale!
Have fun out there, shopping 'til you drop!
Have fun out there today, shopping 'til you drop.  But the one thing I want you to keep seeing drop...are the numbers on your scales!  Stay on program today and all through the holidays and see what percentage you can take off...what you weigh!