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Friday, 18 April 2014

It's a greeting you get from people just about everyday, isn't it?  And I can't think of a more perfect subject to write about on this GOOD FRIDAY!  After a conversation with someone, a phone call or even from the clerk at a local department store, as they tell you goodbye or thank you, they may also tell you to "Have a good day!"  Because we say or hear that expression so often, I think we really take it for granted.  But then I wonder, how many of you really do...have a good day?  Well, I hope you do, everyday.
Sometimes it doesn't take much to turn your good day into a lousy one. 
But let's be honest, sometimes it doesn't take much to turn your otherwise good day into a lousy one.  It could be anything from having an appliance problem in the morning before leaving for work to a few cross words between you and a friend or your mate the night before.  Whatever it is, that bad experience could lead to your having a bad day.  Don't let it happen.
On any given day, something unexpected may happen to really get you upset.  But you know what?  This is life and we can't always expect things to go just the way we'd like.  You should expect the unexpected.  Be prepared for that fact.  But you should also be prepared to not let it rattle you.  Are you overreacting to the situation?  Are you worrying too much about it?  Is it an issue you can deal with later and, in the meantime, not let it mess up your entire day?  Just remind yourself, this is most probably a temporary glitch and a problem you can and will address later.
If you get irritated because of something someone said to you, don't let that drag down your entire day.  Admit to yourself how you feel about it.  Ask yourself why it bothered you.  Did the words that upset you come from a friend or loved one?  Don't be afraid to talk to them about it.  But please, when you do, don't let them see how upset you are.  Approach them with kindness and you can count on getting a much better and more understanding response from them.  Don't carry a sour emotion or feeling with you all day because of something someone said or did to you.  If you do, you really are setting yourself up to have a not-so-good day!
Train yourself to be tough by using those challenging situations to make you tougher.
Face the issue!  Train yourself to be tough by using those challenging situations to make you tougher.  Learn to be resilient!  Accept the things that you cannot change and get to work on the things that you can.  Instead of getting all upset over a particular situation you can't do much about, like being stuck in traffic, put some soothing music on the radio, think about things in your life that make you smile and realize, this bad situation will  pass.  Try this technique in any situation that gets you riled up.  Soothe the "beast" in yourself, calm down and with each passing stressful situation, you'll get better at handling them.
By the way, when you're feeling upset about something and you have the opportunity to do it...walk it off!  I mean literally.  You'll be surprised at how therapeutic a simple walk can be.  And now that spring is here, it's the perfect time of year to practice this stress-buster.  Walking, all by yourself, gives you a chance to think things through while at the same time, walking off some calories, too.  Try it the next time you're upset about something and, you'll see, it works.  Walking gives you the chance to clear your mind and come back ready for a fresh start.
So please, don't let life's challenges, big or small, ruin your days.  Practice some of my solutions to put yourself in a better mood because, on this Good Friday and everyday, I really do want you to...have a good day!