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Winter 2014 Update!


*40 years and counting.....a special Message from RICHARD*

*BRAVO CHICAGO....daily PE!!!*


*Farewell to a Gentle Giant*


A Personal Message from RICHARD:

Hello and Happy Winter my dear friends.......and it has beenquite the winter, hasn't it?  Please hold on just a little longer,...... Spring, and all the beauty and newness it brings.... is just around the corner.........and so is a great, big anniversary for me and my exercise studio....Slimmons. 2014 marks the 40th year that the doors of Slimmons have been open for business.  It's where it all began for me, and I can honestly say that I'm overwhelmed, immensely grateful, and deeply humbled by everything that has happened in these past 40 years.  Through it all though, I am most proud that I have always, always held to my original make exercise as effective, accessible, inclusive, and FUN forEVERYONE..... as I possibly could.  And.....I'll continue that mission as long as the Good Lord lets me, and needs me to So you can easily understand why I'll never give up on my crusade to ensure every school age child has the appropriate amount of physical activity to make them healthy and ready to learn.  Believe me, I don't give up easily.  Thank you. Love, Richard.

BRAVO CHICAGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:
We have INCREDIBLE NEWS to report from CHICAGO, ILLINOIS!!!!!!!  On WEDNESDAY, January 22, the Chicago Public School System, represented and led by Dr. Stephanie A. Whyte, Chief Health officer,.... appeared before the Chicago Board of Education to present it's new proposed policy of requiring DAILY PHYSICAL EDUCATION!!!!!  There are many details to be worked through, and approvals to be finalized, however......the fact that a school district as LARGE and INFLUENTIAL as Chicago....has recognized the need and importance of PE, and is willing to try, is HUGE.  Richard immediately sent a personal letter of support to the Board. Chicago,..... Dr. Whyte,...... we applaud you, and congratulate you on your leadership and example.  Thank you.  (You can read more in this Chicago Sun-Times piece: 
Read This

No Child Left Behind expired more than 5 years ago.  Congress is still in disagreement as to the exact wording of the new Education Law, however, both the FIT Kids Act and thePHYSICAL Act....remain "on the table' and are included in at least some of the existing drafts of the proposed law.  We need to continuously remind our leaders of the great importance of including Physical Education/Activity in the law.  If you haven't written in a while, here's an easy link, and thank you!

2014 also marks another 40th anniversary............Senior House Member, and our dear friend....Congressman George also celebrating his 40th year in Congress.  Sadly, Congressman Miller has decided to retire at the end of this term.  Not only has he been a champion for Richard and FIT Kids......Congressman Miller has led the fight for living wages, public education, healthcare, environmental protection, civil liberties and civil rights.  He is beloved and respected on both sides of the aisle, a true giant..... and will be greatly missed.  We thank you Congressman Miller, and know that your work is far from over, as you enter this new chapter of your magnificent life.

UCLA Vital Signs recently published some "preventative measures" tip ideas for families.  Think of them as "homework", and as Richard says....make it all as fun as possible!  Here are a few of UCLA's suggestions:

"Plan Family Activities that involve exercise."  (Move!)

"Replace Sugary Drinks", "with healthy beverages such as juice and water."

"More Sleep"

"Be supportive"  "Don't use food as a reward or punishment."

As Always........thank you Ask America Supporters,

Ask America