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Salute to Success ~ January 2013

         Another year has passed and I wanted to update you on little old me. I feel little but I do not feel old. I had a wonderful 2012 …I really did. I finished 10 DVDs for Gaiam that will be out next month. I wrote 24 songs. My new CD of 12 songs will come out March / April. I did an infomercial. I wrote three children’s books and my inspirational book Words to Live By. And I designed 4 jewelry lines for JTV.
         I helped raise money for breast cancer in 7 cities. I made time to work out daily and eat healthy. Wow I am tired…How did I get to get to do these wondrous things? Because I have your support! Yes you read right. Your support and friendship makes me beam. Sometimes you split my seams. I have known some of you for decades and some of you I met last year. But you have always made me feel great and always gave me cheer.
         Last year many of you were very successful at losing weight and having self worth. And some of you still don’t believe in yourself to lose the weight and get in shape. That is why I will work harder this year to be a good example to you. I will cheer you on your journey to be a healthier you. Believe me it is not easy. You have to know I am your friend. Not a bowl of potato chips...or a chocolate chip cookie that makes you feel like you played hookie.
         I look forward to our chats and look forward to meeting many of you whether at Slimmons or if I am in the city you live in. I am very thankful that you care about me and you know how much I care about you. So onward and upward. Just remember we are a team in 2013!

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