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Salute to Success ~ August 2013


   . This month, I have two success stories for you.  I met Tammy and Rob on my Cruise to Lose cruise a couple of years ago.  Here is their story in Tammy's words!

        "I have had issues with weight all my life and Rob has since after college. It’s crazy how many diets and weight loss products we have tried over the years. I had minimal success with some of them, but I always gained the weight right back and then some. While in college, I rediscovered a love for Richard Simmons, several girls from my dorm and I would get together and exercise. I also followed the Deal A Meal plan during this time. I lost about 50 lbs.  Marriage and having children happened and it was not easy for either of us to keep the weight off. For years, our weight has been yo-yoing up and down.

       In 2006 after our move to Arizona I said enough is enough and I ordered a FoodMover and started to buy all of Richard’s DVDs, I was determined. When I started I weighed 480 lbs., my highest weight ever. Rob had also climbed to his high of around 390. As always we did well for a while, I was more on board than Rob at that time, but I kept praying he would be motivated to do it with me when he saw the success that I was having.

       Over the next four years we had many gains and losses, always sort of half doing it and making so many excuses.  I prayed that something would motivate us both to really want to do this together.

       In March of 2011 I was hospitalized with large blood clots covering my lungs.  It was a huge wake up call.  I am lucky to be alive; God has given us another chance to get it right.  In October of 2011 we got to go on the Cruise to Lose, which was a dream come true.  Yes it was great meeting Richard and other Webbies, all the great exercise and cool ports of call were all amazing!  But the best part was the precious one on one time we got with Richard.

       We will never forget him looking at us and telling us that our kids Brooke and Zach needed us to be around for them for years to come.  He looked right into our eyes and said, you have to want it bad enough!!

      We left the cruise with renewed motivation and determination for sure, but did we want it bad enough?  Well in the first couple months we did really great, but as time went on as like many times before, we lost the motivation and excitement of the cruise.    We had both lost considerable weight by that time, me close to 100 lbs and Rob 45.  In the months that followed we went back to our old habits and ended up gaining good amounts of our weight back.


      Our turning point came at the end of 2012.  We both had been thinking about Richards Words to on the cruise and both knew he was right, but we both had to want it bad enough in our hearts not just our minds.  Rob and I had a long conversation about our life, our kids and our future health; we both committed 100% to losing this weight and getting healthy.  For the first time we both were 100% together in this journey.  January 1st 2013 we began our new journey we finally wanted it bad enough to do it!

      I started in January back at 400 lbs and Rob was up to 380 (waist 54).  We started eating a diet of fruits and vegetables, lean meets, whole grains and smaller portions.  We reduced our sodium to 1800 mg a day.  The first couple of months went great and losing weight, then April hit and Rob’s Mom Passed away and I ended up in Hospital for 10 days for  Gall bladder surgery.

       The point of sharing the last part is to say this.  In the past we would have let all that happened in April totally derail us or we would just have given up.  Not this time!!!  Why?  Because after years of ups and downs we finally wanted it bad enough.  We finally really got it in our hearts and heads.

       We are doing great with our new lifestyle and having great success.  One of our biggest improvements is exercise.  I have always said no matter how thin I am I will not enjoy exercising.  Well we are eating those words as we now have a pool and enjoy 1-hour water exercise a day and love it!  I even have started swimming laps.

       We are more active than ever before and my ability to get around is much better.  I can do things with my family I missed out on before.  On a recent trip to San Diego I walked for over a mile at the Beach.  We have a ways to go but every day is one step forward.

       Since January 1st, I have gone from 410 down to 350, but my total loss is 120 lbs and Rob from  340 down to 288, but his total is 100 lbs!!!

       So Thank you Richard for speaking some hard words to Rob & I, but in doing it with such love and caring for us also.  Don’t ever give up; you just have to want it bad enough.  If you don’t yet, just keep trying until you do!"

      Thank you so much Tammy and Rob for sharing your story.  Keep on going and keep me posted.... I can't wait to hear more of your successes.  And I know you will inspire many others who read your story!