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Salute to Success ~ July 2013

        Recently my friend Hannah came to LA for a visit to celebrate her birthday! You remember Hannah...she was one of my success stories a few months ago, and she's a member of my clubhouse. Well, while she was out here, Hannah visited with lots of my other members at Slimmons and met up with some other success stories...including me!

       Like many of us do when we're on vacation Hannah took pictures. And you know what they say... "a picture is worth a thousand words!" So, I'd like to share some of Hannah's vacation pictures with you. Take a look and see what these pictures have to say to you....

      I lost 123 pounds, Hannah has lost 200 pounds, Gustav has lost 100 pounds, Marcia has lost 107 pounds, and Joanne has lost 113 pounds! All together that's 643 pounds!

     Congratulations everybody! I'm so glad you met each other. I'm proud of you all! Keep going strong!