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Hi Everybody!

I have two ladies I’d like to tell you about this month!

I first met Becky on my 2006 Cruise to lose to the Caribbean. She was a very quiet lady and she was so excited that she had lost some weight that she booked the cruise to celebrate. I could see that she had a great time and she thanked me very much for being an inspiration to her. I had the privilege of meeting Becky again on my Cruise to Lose a few weeks ago. This was a very different Becky than I met the first time. She was so alive and smiling from ear to ear…and she really had a lot to smile about!

On meet the stars night, where successful people get up and tell their story, Becky was there to tell hers. Becky felt very overweight from 8th grade on. But it did not stop her from doing anything. Her life was going along pretty well until Becky at the age of 18 was raped. That is when Becky's weight problem really began. She became very depressed and Becky became suicidal. Her doctors and therapists worked with her mind first. They didn't yet focus on her weight. And because Becky was not taking care of her health her blood pressure went up and she reached a weight of 332 pounds. She had tried some weight loss programs and had lost about 70 pounds a few times. But she always put the weight back on plus a little more. Becky says, “I believe that was because I was not dealing with the underlying issue. I was using my weight as a means of protecting myself from male attention."

Becky went into more treatment for her depression and she started to learn to plan a healthy daily routine for herself. Once she felt better about herself she began working out with my videos and DVD’s and also joined Curves. She also began eating healthy meals that would help her lose the weight safely. "In 2004 I started this program for me not because someone told me I should do it I am doing this because I finally want to do it."

Becky does not weigh 332 pounds anymore! Her weight is down to 180! She has lost 108.5 inches and her clothes have gone from a 30-32, down to a 14-16. She went from a 4X shirt down to a Large. Because Becky lost 152 pounds she has been able to quit taking her blood pressure medication. She is now a member of our clubhouse (Short Circuit), and she is now using the online FoodMover to help her make healthier choices.

"Before I would get very out of breath and could not keep up with other people, now I am keeping up with, and sometimes even having to slow down for, them. But the biggest benefit I have from losing weight and exercising is the improvement in my mood and depression. My psychiatrist thinks my depression would not be under control if I was not exercising. People tell me I am smiling all the time. I am a happier person now, than before".

Wow what a story! .Becky really went through a lot at an early age. But Becky is a survivor and with the help of some therapy and a lot of sweatin’, Becky is this bright shining star for all to see. Thank you, Sweet Becky, for coming on my cruises and sharing your story. Hope to see you next year.

Now, let me share Susan’s story with you. Susan (mgharway) has struggled with her weight for as long as she can remember. The kids at school made fun of her and called her names at a very young age. Every Sunday, after church, she’d visit her father’s mother. Her grandmother would always remind her “how fat she was.” Susan says, “As a little girl, I remember making Holy Communion at age 7, and of course, I couldn’t fit into a regular dress. So, my mother hired a dressmaker to make me an A-line dress. If that wasn’t embarrassing enough, at my communion party, in front of about 100 guests, she made a formal announcement to everyone, pointing out the dress that was custom made for me just because I was so overweight!”

By the time she was 10, Susan had reached the 100 pound mark! Her weight kept climbing until adulthood when Susan reached her top weight of 213 pounds. She tried several weight loss plans over the years including my Deal A Meal. But, she always quit the plans, and gained back what she had lost…plus more. Susan even went to OA meetings, but discovered they just weren’t working for her. She felt, “Honestly, God wasn’t responsible for what went into my mouth. I was!”

Susan’s turning point came when she reached her 40th birthday. Her doctors told her she was a walking time bomb and that if she kept eating mindlessly, and gaining weight, she’d die, and not be around to see her children grow up. After hearing this, Susan finally decided to do something about her weight for both herself, and her children!

Having tried my plan a few times over the years, and having seen success stories on my infomercials, Susan came back to my FoodMover and my workouts. This time, she decided she had to approach it as a lifestyle change, and she found my clubhouse and joined.

Susan has now gone from 213 down to 173… a total loss of 40 pounds! “The clubhouse has been my lifeline. I go in and read Richard’s Daily message every single day. It gives me courage and motivation and encouragement to know I’m not alone in this journey. I love helping others, and others have helped me. I’m so inspired by Richard, and so many others in the clubhouse who really believe in me!”

Susan struggles with depression, and has been very open about that fact on our message boards. But, she’s learning not to turn to food in those difficult times. She has learned to never lose sight of her goals, and says as long as she remembers the end result, she’ll be fine.

“I am happier. I believe in myself. My clothes are smaller. I can actually shop in a normal store for clothes! I can see and feel my kneecaps! I’ve come to realize this is a life changing program, not a diet. Occasionally, I slip and fall. But, I pick myself right back up and move forward with the plan. I am determined that nothing is going to hold me back and I am going to work this program as it should be worked, because I want it bad enough.”

Thank you for sharing your story Susan. Always keep your eyes on that goal of yours! You know how to reach it now!

Thanks to both of you ladies for being a part of my clubhouse, and for being an inspiration to all our members!