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Happy May!

I have two terrific success stories to tell you about this month! Let’s start with Lillian!

Lillian (Elkhound) was a sickly, and skinny, child. Her Dad even offered to pay her a dollar a pound to gain weight! But, all that changed when she was 13, and had her tonsils removed! She was no longer sickly, and began to gain weight. After that, Lillian went through years of ups and downs with her weight. Through life, pregnancies, caring for her ill mother, and building a house, Lillian ate her way through stressful situations, battled her weight, and tried several different weight loss methods. Last year, her weight had climbed back up to 260 pounds.

Lillian has had multiple surgeries on her back, neck, hip, and ankle over the years. And she had a real scare when involved in a car accident in August of 2006. Her blood sugar, triglycerides, and cholesterol were climbing too. Lillian finally decided enough was enough and that she wanted her health back! It was time to do something. She then began to look for a plan. One day, Lillian was searching the web to find a copy of one of my books. She just happened to find our clubhouse and joined on the spot!

This time, Lillian was motivated by her health, to start taking better care of herself. You see, Lillian loves animals, and the outdoors. She wants to be in good health so she can take trips, go hiking, and enjoy the things she adores…like Tracker, her Norwegian Elkhound! And what a difference she has made since she joined our clubhouse December 27, 2006!

Lillian has learned the importance of planning and now plans her meals in advance. She packs herself healthy lunches to take to school, where she teaches first graders. She’s even helping to get the children in her class more active! “My class participates in a monthly jog-a thon and practices for it each week. I try to incorporate movement in my curriculum.”

Now Lillian follows the FoodMover, exercises, and fills in her journals each day. She says, “I am really turning things around in my lifestyle of food and exercise, and my husband is noticing a change. He usually does not seem to notice!” Lillian has lost 35 pounds since joining our clubhouse. She’s really losing the inches too and has already gone down a few sizes in her clothing!

And, oh yes, she’s being successful in her goal of improving her health too! Lillian says her health is better than it’s been in years! She has more energy. Her blood sugar numbers are down. Her cholesterol numbers are down. In fact all her levels are in a good range… even her triglycerides, which have been a struggle to control in the past!!!

“I feel my success so far has been achieved because first I am committed to a healthier lifestyle. Secondly, I journal daily. Third, I exercise regularly. Fourth, I plan, measure, and weigh my foods. Lastly, I use the message boards and auditorium. Additionally, I share what I am doing with friends and family. I can not do this alone. I need support, and this site gives me that support.”

Lillian says she knows how to lose weight. But, like many of us, she’s had a hard time keeping it off. “I wanted it to be totally up to me to be accountable… for it to work permanently this time. Richard’s site and program give me motivation and support. But, ultimately it is up to me to take charge of my life, and change it for the better. And that is what I’m doing with his program and support!” “I am finally at a place where I no longer will allow stress and food to rule me.”

Now let me tell you about Annie. Annie (arfiebslim) had a tough childhood. She didn’t have a good relationship with her father who was physically, and verbally abusive. And at age 9, she was sexually abused by a neighbor. At that time, Annie began to gain weight. When she was 13, Annie’s father learned about the neighbor’s abuse and told Annie it was her fault, and that he was no longer her father.

Annie’s relationship with her father grew worse and worse. He told Annie she would never be worthy of anybody’s love, especially his. When Annie turned 16, her father told her to consider him dead. She walked out the door, and never returned.

After the years of abuse, Annie believed all the horrible things she’d been told., and she began to abuse herself too. There were years of overeating, there was alcohol, and even a cocaine addiction. But a friend cared for Annie more than Annie had been caring for herself. Annie’s friend helped her break her dependence on alcohol and cocaine, and after a couple of years of leading a clean and sober life, Annie fell in love with a wonderful man. But, she had never learned to love herself. And the weight continued to be a struggle for her.

Annie ate her way up to 289 pounds! She’d tried many weight loss programs, and joined a dozen gyms. But, she always quit. She even started my Deal A Meal a few times. But, she didn’t stick with it. Annie had joined our clubhouse a couple of times in the past, but she never became involved and gave up on that too.

But, in September of 2005, Annie joined my clubhouse again. And this time she didn’t hide! She posted on the boards. She talked to the other members,. And she became involved. She even emailed me! “I received an email back from Richard. I was so excited and too nervous to open the email! When I did open the email… I was so moved by his words. At the end of his email in big bold letters were the words YOU ARE WORTH IT!” Just as Annie had believed the negative things people told her all those years ago, this time, she believed MY words.

“I had built up a wall around me. When I met and married my husband at age 39, he had put a crack in that wall. Well, Richard’s words telling me that I was worth it broke that wall down! It was such an amazing feeling. That’s when I embraced the FoodMover, and my exercise regime.”

Annie still follows the FoodMover, works out to my videos, stays active in the clubhouse, and journals daily. And you know what? It’s paying off! Annie has now lost 104 pounds and 64 inches over all!!! She says, “I never knew exercise would be such a big part of my life. I can’t seem to go one day without exercising now. I actually enjoy it!”

Annie is a petite 4’11” and says she’d still like to lose another 65 pounds or so. But, she is well on her way! “I am the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. I have no doubt I will make it. Not only has Richard helped with my losing weight, he has also helped me heal my inner child and I am able to be happy inside and out!”

Ladies, thank you so much for sharing your stories with us! I know you will continue taking care of yourselves, and continue to inspire others!