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A Real Determined Woman

At an early age Debra learned to use food to stuff down her feelings. You see, she did not have a very good relationship with her family. So when she was upset Debra just over ate which made her gain a lot of weight. Even when she moved away from her family she still stuffed food down anytime an emotional problem came her way.

Debra tried diet pills and was put on antidepressants. But nothing could prevent her from continuing to eat. During this period she gained 51 pounds.

In 2000, Debra along with her two children, were diagnosed as being autistic. In addition to that Debra was diagnosed with clinical depression, post traumatic stress disorder and Hashimoto's Disease which causes constant exhaustion. At that point Debra put herself into counseling and slowly started to find her focus.

In 2006 Debra came to my Cruise to Lose. I remember her exercising in my classes. Why she knew all my moves, and did them with such determination! I have been in touch with Debra and she took all the knowledge she got from the cruise, and used it when she returned home.

"I started at 220 pounds and I am now at goal at 150 pounds. That is a 70 pound loss! I could have never stayed on program without the clubhouse. Without it I would be lost. It is a main source of support for me. The webbies help keep me accountable for my eating, exercise, and mental health. I like the message boards a lot. I live for the food mover! And I love the recipes the clubhouse members get every month. I hope that now, with my story, I can help to motivate others to deal with their challenges and move forward towards success rather than towards frustration"

Wow Debra all of your hard work has really paid off and you have crossed the finish line. My hat is off to you sweet lady.

Lianne never had a weight problem until she fell in love, got married, and had children. About 6 years ago Lianne got so fed up about her weight that she decided to go on a high protein diet. So she sat around eating eggs and all kinds of meat and lost 50 pounds. But she got to the point where she could not look at another piece of protein. So she quit. And Lianne gained back her 50 plus an additional 50 That's right 100 pounds.

In December of last year Lianne got out one of my Blast Off videos and decided to do it 3-4 times a week without fail. And during that month of December Lianne began making better food choices. In January she joined our clubhouse and began to be active on the bulletin boards and in the chat rooms. She started using the on line food mover to teach her portions and make her accountable for what she was eating.

"My family is getting involved too. My kids exercise with me. And my Mom and Dad are on the program. I am down 22.5 pounds since starting. And I have lost 17 inches all over. My clothes are getting looser. I literally danced my pants off one night dancing with my kids. I am doing this for me and because my kids need their mama around. I am truly thankful for the love and support from the clubhouse members. I still have a long way to go, but success is happening. What a glorious feeling!”

Lianne, everyone in the clubhouse is so proud of you! Keep dancing and please get yourself a new pair of pants that fit.