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We've Got Success!!!!!!!

Need some extra motivation this month? Well, here are three stories I would like to share with you. They are all members of the clubhouse. You should join the clubhouse and be part of our family!!!

My name is Lorraine. In the clubhouse my nickname is Llee8251. I started my journey in July of 2006. I began at 197 pounds and I am down to 143.8 pounds! I have lost 53.2 pounds!!! I have 10 more pounds to go and then I will be at goal! I use the online FoodMover and exercise 6 – 7 days a week to Richard's workouts. I am going on the Cruise To Lose this April and I am so excited!
My name is Vanessa (clubhouse username Vanessat) and December 24, 2006 was a horrible day for me. I had shopped and over shopped and then went to a Christmas ministry function. By the time it was over, at 312 pounds, my ankles were over! My high heels and my body felt like they were going to explode. I became very depressed and I knew I had to change my life. I found my way to Richard's website and joined the clubhouse. I began to chat with the members on line and I received so much support! I have now lost 25 pounds. I have been getting up at 5:30 AM and exercising to Disco Sweat. I am sticking to my eating plan. With the help of the people I met in the clubhouse, I am winning the battle. I am a miracle in progress!!!
I am Tina. My clubhouse username is foobuddies. I am a mini success story so far. I have lost a total of 64.5 pounds since May of 2006. My husband, Jim, has lost 81 pounds. I am honored to be able to be on this program with my soul mate. We are lucky to have each other in this world. We now realize life is to be cherished, not wasted. Every second is a gift and we plan on living the rest of our lives with that in mind. The clubhouse provides a place for encouragement, unconditional love and friendship. I have quite a bit of weight to lose and I know I can do it!

Ladies, I am so proud of you all!!! Thank you for allowing us to tell your story to the world. Keep going strong and let us know how you are doing!