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Becky Anacker

Becky Anacker
Lost 80 Pounds!
Before: 248.5 lbs.
After: 168.5 lbs.
Lost: 80 lbs.

You know me in the Clubhouse as "CincosMama," but my real name is Becky Anacker. I`m 49, and I live in San Diego with my husband of 10 years. Because of my nickname, many people from the Clubhouse are surprised to learn that I have no kids! Cinco was my pure white goose that I had for many years, and she was my baby, so I chose CincosMama for my nickname


I work as a Files Specialist for a Credit Union. I`ve been there for a year now, and I do everything from handling files to subpoenas. I`m also known as the "Salsa Queen," because I make my own salsa. My pride and joy was that this year, my salsa helped me earn a lot of money for a very good cause! A few years ago, I lost my godson and nephew, Ray, to leukemia. He was only 18 years old, and he died 4 months after his diagnosis. Every September, we do fundraising for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in his memory. This year I made and sold my salsa and donated all the money I made. We called it "Ray`s Jars of Hope," and I got so many orders for it, I raised $1400.00 in 1 month!

All my life, I`ve always been heavy - up and down, up and down. My earliest memories are from about 5 on. I can look at all of my pictures from elementary to high school, and I`m always overweight, either at the high end or the low end. I`m chubby or fat.

I`ve always used food to deal with my emotions. I can remember doing that from very early on. I`ve used it as comfort, but really, I`ve used it for any emotion. I`m sad; I`m going to eat. It`s a celebration. What are you going to eat? I`m across the board! I eat when I`m stressed or when I`m happy or mad. I`ve come to realize that it takes a lot more than just losing the weight. Lots of issues come up. You`ve got to work through them. I`d be losing weight, then BOOM! I`d hit another wall because something would come up.

Like so many others, I had the abuse growing up. My first marriage, I married a man who was very abusive, both physically and emotionally. He`d say things like, "You`re ugly; you`re fat. I don`t want to be seen with you." I took 4 years of that stuff! Finally something happened that was the straw that broke the camel`s back. We had a bad fight, and I hit my limit. I`d just had enough!

I was single for 10 years after that, and I shut everybody out. Then I found another love with my current husband! We were friends for 2 years before we dated. Once we went out alone, and we realized there was a spark there! I think the reason this marriage is so different from my first one is because we were friends first. He knew me and loved me heavy. I was on a liquid diet when we started dating, and when I got off that diet, I immediately started putting it on, but he never put me down. He was never unkind. He just wanted me to be healthy. I got hurt at work with my back. I wasn`t working, and I couldn`t move… except to get up to go to the kitchen! I was in a lot of pain, and I was sedentary. I could gain really fast, and I shot up to almost 250 pounds.

I always had Richard in my life, even when he first did Deal-a-Meal. I`ve been with him all those years of going up and down! I always respected Richard. I knew his program worked. I would always go for the quick fixes, but I`d always come back to Richard. I joke that I`ve had a love/hate relationship with him. When I`ve got it together, I LOVE him, and I keep all his products out on the counter. When I`m not on program, he and his products go back into the drawer!

When I was at my heaviest weight, the everyday things you have to do were so difficult. Simple things like tying my shoes, taking a shower, drying my hair, drying off, walking out to get the mail - all those things were tough! I couldn`t fit in the theater chairs at the show. I couldn`t find clothes, and I had to buy another size up. Driving somewhere in the car was hard. I remember walking into a room and thinking, "Ooh, I`m the fattest one in here." Having a bad back made it even harder. It would take me hours to grocery shop because my back would have spasms. I would have to stop, and I`d try to act like I was reading labels or something until I could walk more.

Not being able to do everyday things made me feel like such a loser, but what did I do? I consoled myself with hamburgers or whatever! To be honest, I still do that, but I`m able to stop it sooner. I don`t do it long. I tell myself if I really want something to wait 24 hours, and if I still want it, to have it. Now I`ll take a bite instead of eating the whole thing. I don`t know if I`ll ever be able to completely stop, but I am in better control of it.

My turning point came when I started having heart pain if I overexerted myself. We were in Northern California at a wedding. I remember running through the parking lot of the hotel holding hands with my nephew. I had to stop because I got pains in my chest. I went off by myself and sat down in a chair. I think that was the turning point, when I realized, "I can`t get fatter. I don`t want to turn 250 pounds."

For a couple of weeks, I tried to get back on the liquid diet, but I couldn`t choke down those shakes again. I thought, "It`s better with food! You know you can do this with food, and you know who to turn to." I pulled Richard out of storage and decided to give it another shot. That was about 7 years ago, and I decided to order gold FoodMover. When it came, I read everything. Then I thought, "Okay, I read that," and I put everything away!

To be honest, I didn`t want to give up the food. I didn`t want to give up eating everything whenever I wanted to. I wasn`t ready to give up "the drug." That`s just telling it like it is.

About a month later, I pulled the FoodMover out again, but I wanted to keep it a secret. I would hide the books in a drawer where my husband wouldn`t see them. I didn`t want him to think, "Oh, here we go again." I didn`t want anybody to know, because I didn`t want anybody to say, "Oh, again?" My husband never did that to me. That was just my old tapes. I started the program, and then finally, it got too hard for me to hide things. I talked to my husband and told him what I was doing, and he was very happy for me, because he respects Richard and his way of losing weight.

My husband was very supportive. I lost 5 pounds, and 5 pounds turned into 10, 10 turned into 20, then 50, and I just kept going! It`s been up and down all this time, but I`ve now lost 80 pounds!

I had a lot of Richard`s videos, and I used those. I got "Sit Tight." I did what I could, and over time, it increased! The more weight I lost, the better I felt and the more I could do. I got excited and pumped up. I remember getting through all the holidays. I even lost a pound over Thanksgiving! Christmas was harder because of all the stuff for a month. I had a tendency to get through all that and then blow it in January, but I`d always pick it back up. You`ve just got to keep going!

Being in one of Richard`s videos was a dream of mine. When it was time for auditions for Richard`s videos this year, I auditioned, and I was chosen! Now I`m one of the cast members of "Boogie Sweat"! I always wanted to do this, and now I have!

I`m not at my goal weight yet. I`d like to see what I look like at about 148, but I`ve already had lots of changes. At my job, I`m on my feet most of the day, and I`m able to stand without the pain. My back feels great! I can run without pain. I don`t have heart palpitations. I can buy clothes! Life is different now. It`s a whole new ball game! I feel lighter. I feel like now I can participate in life rather than being on the sidelines watching. I ran my first 5K last year in 38 minutes and came in 6th place in my age group out of 42 other women!

I still have to work on realizing that I`m not as fat as I was. I still go into Lane Bryant and reach for the same size clothes, and I`m still trying to reprogram my way of thinking. I want to be open and accepting of new obstacles that come into my life. I don`t want to be afraid; I want to go for it and build on my self-confidence and self-esteem. I want to keep changing the negative tapes in my head to positive ones. I think I`ll always need to work on that.

If you`re trying to lose weight, there are several things I have learned that have helped me. One is to treat yourself as you would treat a friend. If you were in the Clubhouse and somebody said, "I just ate a hamburger; I`m a pig, and I hate myself," you`d say, "Oh, that`s okay. Everybody makes mistakes. Just keep going, and you`ll do better next time." You have to learn to talk to yourself that way!

Know that this is going to take some time. There is no quick fix. There`s a lot you`re going to learn, so learn all you can and practice what you learn.

Stay in touch with some sort of support system. You have to make some new friends who have the same goals you do. If somebody`s got a heroin habit and they get clean, they can`t come out of rehab and go back to their heroin friends! You have to have a support system like the Clubhouse or some other place where you can find help.

Most importantly, know that you can do it, and never stop reaching for your dreams!


1. Never stop reaching for your dreams! Dreams do come true. Mine did when I did Richard`s video. That was my dream!
2. Treat yourself as you would treat a friend!
3. Stay in touch with some sort of support person or friends who have the same goals that you do.