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Salute to Success~ March 2013

            This month, I want to introduce you to Eva.  Many of you have seen Eva in my new infomercial…. Here is her story in her own words….

        I'm 29 years old & I grew up in Evergreen, Colorado. I've struggled with my weight since I was in 8th grade. That was the year I became a cheerleader & was always trying to fit in with everyone else. In the last year I had put on an extra 10 pounds in double stuffed Oreos. I had tried everything to lose weight; diet pills, diet drinks, personal trainers you name it. The real turning point for me was my friend, Shannon Wollack.  She gave birth to her son & had the weight off in no time. I realized that if my friend can put on weight for the sake of giving birth & lose it that quickly… I no longer had any excuses. Next thing I knew I was looking for a game plan. Someone told me that I could work out with the one & only Richard Simmons. To this I immediately said, "what time & where" and I was at the Slimmons studio the very next day & have been going every possible day that I can ever since.  Since starting Richard Simmons, Project H.O.P.E. I've lost a total of 34 pounds!

        Losing this much weight has completely changed my entire life! I have way more energy, I'm happier, I'm healthy, I sleep well, I have the confidence I needed to go after my dreams.  And most importantly, Richard has taught me one of the most important things that anyone can do for themselves, he taught me how to love myself. Weight-loss is not easy and it was this critical step of taking the time to really learn to love myself on the inside & outside that made all the difference for me. Loving myself made me realize that I want to have a healthy body with the proper nutrition that it needs.

       I also started to realize how good it feels to take proper care of my body & this made me pay attention to the things I was putting into my body. Now when I see junk food I think to myself, "I'm so glad I'm not eating that right now." When I eat healthy foods I think about all the great benefits to my body & all the ways this food is going to support me throughout my day. When I eat celery I say "Thank you celery! I just love your crunchy crunch!" Paying attention to my body and the way I feel has also showed me that I only want to feel nothing but good all day every day. In order to feel amazing all day every day, I have to eat the foods that make me feel great.   Foods that make me feel great on the inside have supported me in looking great on the outside.

         I've also learned to appreciate the way I feel & am grateful / thankful every time I eat something. I think about all the work, time & energy that went into getting that piece of lettuce onto the plate in front of me.  Appreciating all the work that others did to get that food onto the plate in front of me also helps me to stay present and aware when I'm eating. This also makes food & eating a fun experience, where you take the time to enjoy every flavor. I do this every time I eat & doing this has changed the way I view food/ keeping the weight off.

         Since losing 34 pounds my life has changed significantly & I've learned a lot along the way. I have very big dreams that I will accomplish & I've learned how to set small short term goals that will add up to long term goals. I wrote myself a note and read this every day, "Do the best you can with what you have." 


         I am very grateful to all of Richard's products that helped me with my weight loss! Richard's FoodMover is an amazing tool. It's easy to use & easy to follow. Helps plan food & portions out for you so you don't need to think or worry. You just follow the plan & eat the food. It's that easy. You have to plan out your food every day. It's impossible to have success without this. The foodmover makes it easy to do this & it’s helpful because it makes food and eating the right portion a no brainier.

        Richard's DVD's are total game changers. I LOVE THESE AND THEY WERE KEY TO MY SUCCESS!!! His DVD's take the concept of "working-out" and changes this into "having fun"! YOU ARE DANCING!!!!! Dancing is FUN!!!! And to top it all off, you're dancing & having fun with the one & only Richard Simmons!

        Another key to my success was Richard's KINDNESS! My favorite part about his DVD's are that he is his true self and the best best about Richard is what an incredibly, giving man he is. He really truly cares about your success & the most impressive part is that anyone & everyone can get results using his program.  It's made for all types of different people; some need to lose weight, some need to get active, some need more energy. Richard speaks to all types age sex and fitness levels. His message is universal. He is true & genuine and I have always loved and adored this about him. I trusted him with my weight-loss & he knows what he is doing. Richards’s sayings also helped me; "Complainers are drainers, people with egos aren't my amigos."








What are you saying to yourself? Be your own cheerleader! Cheer yourself on! It's fun and feels amazing!






Stay focused on your goal






Cut out pictures from magazines of your new body! It's fun! Then close your eyes and picture yourself in your new body. Where will you go, who are you meeting, what are people saying to you about your new body & what outfits will you wear?



4. Plan your meals out for the week on Sunday night.



Learned this from Richard & this has been key to my success.



5. Don’t eat anything after 6pm. Another tool I learned from Richard which played key role in my success.


Slip ups happen. It's ok. The important thing is how you handle it when these come up. Forgive yourself & get back on track. ENJOY TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF & YOUR BODY. Be patient with yourself & forgive/ love yourself and the positive changes you are making. Be happy, have fun & enjoy the process!

         One thing I learned from Richard the best way to love yourself is by giving to others. Also keep cash in my car & also give to a homeless person when I have the opportunity. Richard taught me to do this.  And I do volunteer work through Agape international Spiritual Center  (Helping hands program to feed the homeless).   "

         Eva, thank you so much for sharing your story with my readers!  I am so proud of you!   Keep going strong!