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Kathie Buckner

Lost 216 Pounds!
Before: 351 lbs.
After: 135 lbs.
Lost: 216 lbs.

Hey! My name is Biskit. Well, that's my Clubhouse nickname. My real name is Kathie Buckner. I'm 41. I feel 12, but I'm 41, and I live in Forest City, North Carolina with my husband, Kevin, our African Grey parrot, and our 2 cockatoos! Kevin and I have been married for 19 years, and I'm not the only one in the family who has lost weight; Kevin has lost 116 pounds, too! I do lots of crafts, and I love rubber stamping cards. I also love FOOD, and I'm a great cook... and that's where my story begins!


"Live your life right now like you are already at your goal weight!"

I was always overweight. I've never not been fat! I remember being fat at 4. I remember being called fat at 8. Well, they called it "chubby" back then, just to be nice. I had a real good, happy childhood. My mother was unbelievably beautiful and small. The rest of my family was thin. I was the fat one! My brothers played outside a lot, but I stayed inside and read. I loved to eat as a kid, and I had no clue as to what to eat and not to eat. It was southern food in quantity! What we did socially was eat. At family reunions, we'd all try to outdo each other.

I was a happy teen. I was fat, but I dated. I dated more than my skinny friends! People felt awful because of this and that, but even at my fattest, I thought I was cute as a button! If I got teased, I just let it roll off my shoulders. I never thought being fat made me a lesser person!

Even when I got married, I didn't know what I was doing wrong with the food. I would eat whole bags of potato chips, because I thought a family sized bag was a serving! There were no rules. There was no serving size. Calorie wise, I would eat more in one meal than you should eat in a day!

I would deep fry anything that would sit still - okra, squash. You get complimented when you cook good, so I'd add anything to make the food taste better. It was food pornography! I'd make pintos with 1/2 a pound of fatback, and there was always extra Velveeta in my macaroni and cheese. I'd put sour cream, cheese, and butter in my mashed potatoes. A salad was just something to hold ranch dressing and bacon bits. The lettuce was optional! I made garlic bread with cheese and hamburger meat. (It was so good!) My lasagna had Canadian bacon, cheese, ham, hamburger, and Italian sausage. When I cooked it, the whole family would show up, and we'd eat and have a ball!

I was just loving my family and cooking to make my husband happy. I remember when Kevin would go to work, his friends would fight over who would come home to eat lunch with us! It made Kevin happy that I cooked like that. He was proud of me! I got my attention that way.

Eventually, though, the fat took over my life. I was in pain, and I got to where I couldn't do stuff. My weight was ruining my life, and it was ruining my husband's life. By the time I was 36, I was in a wheelchair, and I stayed in it for about 4 years. I couldn't walk. I could maybe walk to my kitchen, but I would be crying because it hurt my legs so bad. My feet were swollen. I had to sleep sitting up, and I was sleeping more because I was hurting so bad. I didn't look forward to waking up anymore.

I didn't get depressed, but I was ashamed that I'd let it get to the point where I couldn't walk. I was an oddity, and people stared at me. I didn't like that. I wasn't going out but like at night when there weren't many people out. I wouldn't look at people. I would keep my eyes down.

I couldn't do anything socially. It took a major act of congress to even go out! It was too hard getting in and out of the car. My life was gone. I wasn't who I was! I lived at home in my recliner. If I could sit still and not hurt, I would think that was a great day.

One day in the fall of 2001, I was sitting in that same recliner I was telling you about, and I was having one of those days when I was hurting all day long. Richard came on the TV, and he said the words, "I promise you if you do the program and exercise every day, you will lose the weight!" It had never dawned on me that I would ever be anything different from what I was right then, but it was like he looked at me and said again, "I promise!" I believed him, and I ordered the program right then!

That same day, I also wrote all my goals on a little piece of paper - I still have it - with the date they were all going to come true. My goals were to weigh 150 pounds, to write Richard and tell him that I was going to do it, to meet Richard, to go to Slimmons, to be a Cinderella story, to be in one of his videos, and to never, ever gain the weight back. I could see myself doing it, and I gave myself 2 years!

While I was waiting for the program to arrive, I didn't know what to do, so I started planning what it would be like when I was little. I just knew it was going to happen! I started acting like I was skinny even when I was 351! Skinny people wouldn't eat pie all the time. Skinny people exercised. I started holding my head up and looking at people. I started conversations with people. I just kept pretending I was skinny!

I would have elaborate daydreams. One day, I went to Wal-Mart to buy some clothes, and there wasn't anything that would fit me. I couldn't even fit into a 32, but I imagined wearing a size 8 blue jeans. I remember people nudging each other and pointing at me, and I knew they were saying, "How did she get to this size?" But I'd pretend they were saying, "Why, she's just a tiny, little thing!"

My FoodMover came on November 30, 2001, and from the day it came, I did it exactly how I was supposed to! That is the honest to God's truth! I closed all my windows - every vegetable window, every starch window. I divided my windows into about 6 meals a day. I exercised every day. I could only do it for like 5 minutes at a time with just my arms, but I'd do it all during the day until it equaled up to an hour, and I did it no matter what.

I started losing about 4 or 5 pounds a week! After about 3 months, I could walk without hurting. It took about 6 months before I could do an hour of exercise at one time, but by June 9, I was 295, and I was able to sleep lying down again! I was getting my life back! I wrote Richard about it on June 20, 2002.

I had never driven before, but I decided I could get behind the steering wheel, so I went and got my license. My husband bought me a little red VW Bug, and I drove by myself for the first time! I remember crying as I pulled off the side of the road, thinking how normal and how free I felt!

By September, 2002, I was 248, and by the end of my first year in November, I had lost 124 pounds, 30 inches off my bust, 32 inches off my waist, and 38 inches off my hips!

That same November is when I went to see Richard at a doll show in Greensboro, NC. I was so scared that I'd bother him, but he saw me and came up to me! I was crying, and I couldn't s. He said, "What did I do now?" That was the first time I met him. I think a lot of people start crying when they meet him, because he's like hope to them. It's like hugging hope! He makes you feel like you can do it. He makes you know you can do it!

Richard got me and my husband and my mom to come up on stage with him. He was supposed to be doing his doll signing, but he told the security people to let us stay on stage with him. When Richard was done, he took me aside and talked to me. He told me I would do it. He told me he could see what I would look like small! He told me I was special.

While I was there, I also met someone else who has become very special to me, and that's my friend, Louise Cook. Richard told me that day that Louise and I would be good friends, and he was right! Louise has been on Richard's program so long, she knows it inside and out. She coached me every day! She talked me down from every plateau I ever had and kept me from going crazy so many times. She even bought me a blue leather jacket that she loved and wanted me to have when I hit my goal weight! I couldn't have done this without Louise.

After Richard took all that time with me that day, he wrote me a thank you note for coming to see him! After that, I would go see him and exercise with him any time he was close to North Carolina. I started telling my story on stage. People would ask me how I did it, and I started helping other people!

By February of 2003, I was down to 200 pounds! I started hitting those hateful little things called "plateaus," but by July 2003, I was 164. Then on October 27, 2003, I hit my goal of 150, and I went on maintenance!

Once you get to goal, you start adding calories back. I didn't want to, but for the first time, I was getting hungry. I talked to some girls on the Website who said that I was hungry because I needed the calories. Now I eat all the time, because it keeps me from getting hungry, and my body keeps burning all day long. I eat all the windows whether I'm hungry or not, because I want my body to trust that I'll feed it. I don't want it to think it's going to starve, because it's not! I think a lot of it is about your body trusting you to eat and work out regularly.

If you keep exercising, you can eat more than you'd think! It was so nice to know that my body was so fit and active that I could eat like one of those skinny people! Even though my goal weight was 150, by December, I had lost even more weight on maintenance, and I was down to 139. That's the difference in my metabolism. My body fat went down to 20%! I stay around 135 now! It's where my body wants to be.

Even now, no matter if somebody dies, no matter what happens in my life, I exercise first! I wouldn't go outside without getting dressed, and I'm not going to spend a day without exercise. It makes me feel alive and good and healthy! It's what saved my life, and it's almost sacred to me to get to do it! The only time I ever skip it is if I'm sick enough to go to the doctor, and I have to get pretty sick to do that. If I never skip the first day of exercising, I can never skip two!

I think the most important thing to do is to treat yourself like you would treat a friend. Exercising every day was a promise I made to myself, and I never break promises to myself now. You wouldn't break a promise to a friend!

Never, ever say anything to yourself that you wouldn't say to a friend! Your feelings are so important, and you're alone with yourself so long. You have to treat yourself so gentle and so nice. You hear your voice more than anybody else's! You might tell a friend a flaw once, but if they do something good, you'd keep repeating it to them. Do that for yourself! If someone says something mean to you, don't keep repeating it, but if they say something good to you, say it over and over to yourself again! Nobody else can do that job for you. When you're taking care of yourself, it ain't nobody else's job anymore! That was a big change! Now I do that for me!

I don't do anything different from when I was on the weight loss plan. It's not hard for me, because I feel so good, and before, I felt so bad. It's not like I'm doing something I want to get off of. It's something I'm doing for myself! It's something I get to do! People say, "I wish I could be you!" Before, I would have traded places, but now, I wouldn't trade places with anybody else!

I can drive now! I got to ride a horse! I play racquetball! I can swim! I can shop all day long! I go to amusement parks! I travel now, which I would have never done before, because I couldn't fit in the airline seat. I couldn't fit under the steering wheel of the car. My stomach got in the way of everything. Now I can tie my shoes, go to the movies, shop in a regular size store, and wear a size small!

I've accomplished all those goals I wrote down on that little sheet of paper, except for being in a video and keeping the weight off forever. When I got in that pair of size 8 jeans I'd daydreamed about, it felt so good it tasted good!

I'm trying to start doing personal training for kids. I want to teach them nutrition and exercise, one on one. I used to teach water aerobics, and I got certified to teach aerobics. I attended Hoot Camp, I in April. I'd like to work with really obese people and teach a "Sit Tight" class. For the first 6 months, "Sit Tight" was the only exercise I could do, and it saved my life!

If you're housebound and you think your life is never going to be different, even if you just lose 50 pounds, it's worth it! If you lose 10 pounds, and then you do it over and over again, eventually you'll be where you want to be!

Support yourself, because you'll always be there when everything else goes wrong. Your life is going to fall apart at different times. Life just happens that way! During all that stuff, you need to treat yourself really good.

It's okay to think you're worth it! I think people, especially women, think they're being cocky when they say they need to take time out to take care of themselves. That's okay! You're not being cocky; you're being proud of yourself, and it's something you need to practice doing, because it doesn't come naturally!

The real key to this is to treat yourself like you would treat somebody you really, really, really like a lot!


1. Make sure you close all your windows! Don't "not eat" them because you think you're being better on your food program. Just eat everything according to the plan!

2. Before you sit down to eat, close your windows - not after. That way, you don't forget to close them.

3. If you like to eat mindlessly in front of the TV set, make sure that it's raw vegetables that you eat and that you've already closed the windows for them! Don't allow yourself to eat anything else in front of the TV set!