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Slimmons Studio


*Slimmons Closed November 19, 2016.  Click the links below for Richard's comments.*


My Exclusive to ET


A Loving Goodbye to Slimmons


         The year was 1974. My dream was to open up an exercise studio that was fun. I had  taken classes all over the city of Los Angeles.  Most of the classes were very serious. Everyone looked like they were pouting while they worked out. That is when I decided that I needed to open up a place where people smiled when they sweat and  danced to the music. So in the summer of 1974 I opened my doors to Slimmons.

        And from the time I opened it, people came. Yes the word spread about this little , kind studio that was filled with unconditional love and happiness. The studio is where my whole career started. I began doing local shows in the city. And then I got my big break to play myself on General Hospital.
        From there I got several of my own shows and so many of my dreams have come true over the years. But one of my biggest joys is Slimmons. I love to teach there when I am in town. I spend time gathering up my music that will motivate and stimulate everyone to move like they have never moved before. My class starts out with a rhythmic warm up for the heart, then upper and lower body stretches before we dance to the hottest current songs and the great oldies that put a beat in your soul. Teenagers come to Slimmons, people in their 70’s and 80’s and everyone in between. Everyone in the room tries their best to get their hearts a pumping and burn quite a few calories.
        After all the cardio we again stretch our upper and lower body. Oh but we are not done yet. We pick up weights and do our toning for our chest, back, our arms and shoulders. Toning is followed by pushups and sit ups. And when you leave Slimmons you feel happier, younger and filled with so much energy you won’t know how to use it all.
       On Saturdays I teach a class called Project Me which is a weight loss and motivation class that  I have been teaching for the last 36 years. So many success stories have come out of my studio. People who lost 50 pounds, 80 pounds, 100 pounds or 200 pounds and more. And when I do a new DVD I have an audition and all my students come to try out. I have a wonderful staff and teachers who have been with me so many years and love Slimmons as much as I do.   So when is the last time you had fun working out? If you live in Los Angeles or are coming to visit, stop by Slimmons and take a class.

9306 Civic Center Drive
Beverly Hills, California 90210
310-275-4663 or 310- A SLIM ME