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Welcome From Richard

Once upon a time, a long time ago, the post man delivered letters to my mailbox. It was so much fun to run out there every day to see who wrote me! I would open the letters with such anticipation, and if somebody needed my help, I was there to help them. Then, a whole new world opened up to me!

In 1997, I was asked to begin my very own Website! That meant I had to get a computer. To tell you the truth, I was a little bit nervous about the whole thing. Point and click, point and click... up to that time, I had never even typed! My typing teacher in high school told me my hands were too short and fat and that I should get secretaries. Well, that comment stayed with me a long time, but about 20 years ago, I started to type on the little keyboard attached to the big screen, and the rest is history!

Millions and millions of people from all over the world have visited my Website! Oh, sure, I still go to the mailbox, but my big thrill is that I can check my email, and my even bigger thrill is that I can stay in touch with you so easily in so many ways on my Website!

I've written messages to keep you inspired and motivated. I've shared success stories to let you see that you, too, can achieve your goals. I've also created an incredible Clubhouse! You really should join and become a member of my interactive health and fitness family. Oh, we've got it all in the Clubhouse - easy to use message boards and chat rooms, and so much more! And you know with my New Orleans taste buds, I've dreamed up lots of delish recipes to share with you that are low in fat and high in taste!

But the greatest part about the Clubhouse is all the terrific support you will get from our Clubhouse members. We're all here together, trying to do the same thing - trying to stay positive, trying to eat healthy, and trying to get the exercise in. So if you need us, we're here for you! That's why I love my site so. It helps people, and that's what I'm all about. Join the Clubhouse, and let's get started once and for all!