Welcome from Richard

Once upon a time, in 1997, I was asked to create my own website!  I was a little bit nervous about the whole thing.  But, I did it!   Though my website has been through many changes over the years, it has always been an incredible website filled with incredible people!  My website is a great place for me to share my latest news, and for you to find my products, and get some motivation!  I am so proud of my clubhouse and all of the support my webbies have given each other over the years.  Now, we’re all still here together trying to do the same thing… trying to stay positive,  eat healthy, and get in our exercise!  Won’t you join us?

Join the Clubhouse

Looking for some support?  Need friends with goals and struggles that are similar to yours?  Need to learn more about my FoodMover and Fitness programs?  Want to be the first to learn about my latest products?  Join my clubhouse!  You’ll find Message Boards,  a live Chat Room, Printable Downloads to help you track your progress, and lots of helpful information!  Membership is free!

Whether you’re feeling happy or blue, come and read something old, or something new!

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