The Clubhouse Branding 3
What Is the Clubhouse?
Sometimes it’s hard to find support at home because everyone else is busy doing their own things.  Oh, I’m sure your spouse, parents and other family members support you but sometimes you just don’t feel that support.
And then there are the people at work, church, and your special group of friends.  Yes, they support you too, I know they do.  But sometimes their support is just not enough.  After all, they’re often dealing with their own problems which may include having weight issues themselves.
That’s why I created the Clubhouse here on my website.  You see, everyone in the Clubhouse is just like you.  They’re overly busy, have stresses in their lives and like you, have lost and regained weight over and over again.  The good news is that many of them joined the Clubhouse and found support along with unconditional love.
I have lots of members who have joined my clubhouse and have really gotten motivated there! In my clubhouse there are message boards, chat rooms, food sheets, and so much more! 

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