Most frequent questions and answers​
For orders from our “shop” page, email answers@theconnextion.com
For orders from Richard’s YouTube store, please contact TeeSpring: http://teespring.force.com/NewCase?l=en_US
Always discuss any weight loss/exercise program with your doctor and get approval first. Many people with special medical conditions use these products with great success. However, you should always take the program to your doctor and get his or her approval and advice. You may need to modify exercises. You may need to be on a higher calorie level, such as when you are nursing or pregnant, or you may have to make some changes to the program. The exchanges on the FoodMover are similar to the exchanges the American Diabetic Association uses, so with some possible modifications, many diabetics use it with success. Please see more about Health and Medical conditions in the Terms and Conditions of the Website.
As a Member of Richard’s Clubhouse, you’ll have access information about the FoodMover Program, and you’ll be able to meet others who are using the program. You can print your Food Sheets right from the Clubhouse to help you track your food.   If you have more questions, you can also use our Contact Form to email Richard’s staff. 
Food Sheets are available to download in the Clubhouse.

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