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Denise Austin

I just received a message from the lovely and beautiful Denise Austin. She is a workout princess and has helped so many.

Guess What?

Hey hey…it’s almost Monday! And guess what? I’ll be there for a live chat! Tell your family, your friends, and your pets

Rev. Pounds

My name is Rev. Pounds. You must know that donuts are the toys of the devil!

Night-time Shows, part 3

My next nighttime appearance was on a show that I never heard of. It is called Whose Line is it Anyway. They

Night-time Shows, part 2

When Ms Rivers left the Tonight Show, she started her own show on a different network. I was one of her first


I do not discuss politics… never…never…never! People fight with each other in the streets about who should be president. All I am

Night-time Shows

I have appeared on many night time shows. The first one was The Merv Griffen show. Mr G was a singer. His

Things I’ve Signed, part 2

I met a pregnant woman in line waiting for me to sign my book. She lifted up her blouse and asked me

A Message from Richard (6/17/24)

Take care of you!